Sol Heartman

Songs of HEaling, Awakening and Surrender

Heart centred songs for the modern mystic

Sol Heartman is a Sydney based singer/ songwriter/ guitarist  in a style that could be best described as new age adult contemporary. With lyrical themes of surrender, self-love, forgiveness and letting go, Sol’s warm vocals weave melodies over intricate acoustic fingerstyle guitar music, creating a soothing aural landscape of Self discovery and Awakening. His songs are experienced as deeply personal and at the same time transcendent, embracing the inner child and hinting of the vast oneness of the Greater Self.

 "My intention is that my music be an instrument of discovery of the source of Unconditional Love that is ever present within. In my songs I try to encapsulate that feeling of oneness and love while acknowledging the struggles of the personal self on its journey of awakening and surrender."

Sol currently performs weekly at Billabong Retreat and has recently completed a 5 song EP entitled “the Song of Life”.