1. Simply Be You

Simply Be You: Words and music by Sol Heartman Copyright 2015
Recorded at Soundshed Studios
Valla, NSW, Australia.
Sol Heartman: Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, nylon string guitar
Stewart Peters: Backing vocals and all other instruments


Why do you compare yourself to me?
Does the sapling grow in envy of the tree?
Everything will rise in its own time
You will have your moment to shine

Why do you see yourself as less
Would you deny Love its graciousness to bless
Every tiny droplet that falls into the sea
You need not be separate from me

Sing from the light of Loves’ awareness
Bring forth what lies within you
Why let the mind
lead you blind
down a path that is untrue

Simply be you
and you will see
All that you are is all you ever need to be
Simply be true
and you will know
the love in your heart never ceases to grow

In the flow of life
You will find the light
Shining deep with-in your soul
Simply be you
Simply be true
And with love you will evolve