1. Oh Beloved


Oh Beloved (lyrics adapted from poem by Rumi, music copyright Sol Heartman 2019)

Oh Beloved take me
free my soul
fill me with your love
and release me from the two worlds
if I set my heart on anything but you
let the fire within burn me all away

Oh Beloved
take from me what I want
Oh Beloved
take from me what I need
Oh Beloved
take from me what I do
take from me everything that takes me from you.

Music by Sol Heartman (copyright 2019) Lyrics adapted from poem by Rumi.
Lead vocals: Sol Heartman
Backing vocals: Sol Heartman, Stewart Peters
Acoustic Guitar: Sol Heartman
Classical Guitar: Sol Heartman
All other instruments: Stewart Peters
(Produced by Sol Heartman and Stewart Peters at Sound Shed Studios, Valla, NSW, Australia).