Self Nurturing. Spring-Summer 2019

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Govinda Valley, 51 Lady Carrington Rd., Otford, NSW

Self Nurturing at Govinda Valley. As special guest Sol Heartman is invited to co-create an experience of LOVE. Sol Heartman's music will take participants to a journey of love and joy.

About the event: A creative workshop designed by Fabiola Barba for Heart and Soul Retreats to connect with the best version of ourselves.

“Love yourself” is a phrase that can be even hard to hear when we are experiencing stress. It’s an expression that has been so overused that it often leads us to the simple question: How? What does it mean to express and experience self-love and care? During this series of workshops you will discover simple techniques and rituals to take care of yourself day by day and during challenging periods. Just when life is testing our strength, we can take things into our own hand with these techniques to uplift ourselves and our loved ones too. One of the most useful resources we have to thrive and curate the artwork of our lives is self expression, whether through writing, dancing, drawing, singing or any kind of creation. Sadly this is too often neglected when leading a busy life, leaving our inner creativity begging to be released. Through this workshop you will discover the confidence you need to express your inner truth and flourish through the healing power of creativity.

Sunday 18th of August we will have a special guest Sol Heartman who's music will take us to a peaceful musical journey.

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Price for visitors: $15.00 to $40.00 at the door.

Wear comfortable, bring water bottle and open heart :)